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Sunday, November 2, 2008

a quick update

Well, today we got up early and took a cheap, last minute flight up to El Calafate, still in Patagonia, instead of attempting a 21 hour bus ride. Ahhh...the comforts of airplanes. :) So we are exploring our options to go trekking on the Glacier Perito Moreno tomorrow. If you have time, do a web search about the glacier. It looks spectacular...and it is going to be quite the adventure. Just wanted to let you all know...roughly...where I am in this mundo pequeno! Besos!


Josef Gamper said...

I looked at the glacier pictures. You will have a great time. I have installed the messenger and hope to use it soon. Did you get my message on RAW? Love, Dad

Keiko said...

I had to google the Glacier Perito Moreno. It is absolutely breath taking! I'm so jealous you get to see such wonders of the world!