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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Iguazu Falls - Argentina

Just a glimpse of what fits into my camera frame of Iguazu falls.

Today we went to Iguazu Falls on the Argentina side. It was absolutely incredible. There is NO way a picture can even begin to capture what we saw today. (But of course, I am including a few of my feeble attempts!) Rahima got some video on her camera, which I hope to add later, but right now I have been at this internet cafe for almost an hour and have already had the comptuer crash on me twice and have yet to upload a picture. So I think I will have to wait for another day, and a faster connection.

The falls were (are) amazing. They are so loud and the sky actually looks like it was painted with little white clouds. There are thousands of butterflies everywhere and iguanas and coati mundis (kind of like small anteaters with cute racoon tails) running around too. It is hot and humid here, my favorite. (sarcasm intended) But when you get close to a lot of the falls you are covered, or should I say drenched, in the mist.

We are heading over to Brazil tomorrow. Originally we had planned on seeing the falls from the Brazilian side as well, but honestly we can´t imagine anything more breathtaking than what we saw today. So we might just head straight to Sao Paolo instead. We fly out of Rio on the 1st of December and we aren´t really sure what to expect from Brazil, besides everyone being incredibly good-looking. :)

MASSIVE amounts of water...

The little butterfly that landed on my hand.

Proof I am actually going to these places that I say I am going to! (Yes, the lady behind me is in a poncho due to the ridiculous amounts of spray coming up from the falls.)

Okay...look hard and you´ll see me. All the way to the right, arms spread open and reaching for the sky. So happy to be completely soaked by one of the waterfalls. Yipee!


Shelly said...

If you click on your photos they open up in a separate window, which makes finding you in the midst much easier.

So if the gnome have a good time? Now I wonder what going over that in barrel is like?

Joseph said...

On July 24, 2006, a severe drought in South America had caused the river feeding the falls to become parched, reducing the amount of water flowing over the falls to 300 m³ (80,000 gallons) per second, down from the normal flow of 1,300 m³/s to 1,500 m³/s (350,000 to 400,000 ga/s). Glad there was no drought when you were there!


p.s. I have failed your Mom...I will spend my lifetime making it up to her. A personalized Christmas video from A.J. should do the trick. He still loves the christmas ornament he got as a baby...

Joseph said...

OH MY GOD!!! I just realized these falls are from that recent crappy movie that pretended to be part of the Indiana Jones series....were there aliens there???

Leslie and Dave said...

I have always wanted to go there. How can you possibly be living out all of my dream vacations in one year!!!

Josef Gamper said...

It's a beautiful world, it's a beautiful life, and I'm so glad your spirit is part of it. Your arms in the mist say it all.
You can never fail me. We would be delighted to see pics of your wonderful A.J. Much love to the three of you. Sandy

Yohusert said...

Que tal Annette, oye que envidia (de la buena) que estes dandote este relax todo este tiempo y estés conciendo lugares tan increibles como Argentina, espero algún día yo poder hacer lo mismo, y sé que lo estas disfrutando muchísimo, mami te manda muchos saludos al igual que todos acá, sigue disfrutando este viaje que es increíble, y pues ahi seguiré revisando tu blog, recorriendo las Aventuras de Annete en el planeta,
Anntte´s adventure around the world, jaja bueno ojala lo haya escrito bien, sino que verguenza con tu papá y tus amigos.

Suerte y que sigas disfrutando.