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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Buenos Aires

Well, we made it back to the big city and are somewhat decompressing here. Our hostel is very basic and located in the city center. It is hot here, and so our hostel room, with no windows, is even hotter. To top it off, there is no airconditioning and the light in our room broke, so that we couldn't turn it off last night. Luckily, a) we were very tired and b) I had saved the little eye mask thing that we got from our very first flight over a month ago. I have never used one of those things before, but it proved very useful in the current situation. :)

We will stay in BA for the next few days and try to explore this very big, bustling city. Maybe we can even store up enough energy to try to hang with the BA nightlife scene. :)

It is really great that Obama won because now we feel proud to be American again. We have seen some interesting graffiti around BA and also in Santiago depicting how much the world hates Bush. It is pretty incredible. We have also experienced how happy, excited, hopeful people around the world are now that Obama will be president. It is pretty overwhelming actually.


Joseph said...

I voted for Bush.

Leslie and Dave said...

It's insane how much the world loves Obama. He was on the front page of the paper in Paris for three straight days after he won! Eye mask, love them! I sport a multi-colored one every time I fly a red eye!

Josef Gamper said...

It was so considerate of the electorate to have made things more pleasant for the two of you! Aunt Barbara and Gina love your blogs and say hi and to keep enjoying every bit of everyday.
Hope it's either cooled off or you now have a place with a window.
Hugs, Mom

Joseph said...


I also voted for McCain...but only because I thought your mom was going to do the same.....Hi Sandy!