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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fog...at the beach???

So last night we went out with our new Brazilian friends. We started out at a bar and met up with the gal from the internet cafe and her friend, which was pretty funny considering the language barrier. Following in the footsteps of my dad, I am rapidly picking up the most important phrases necesary in Portuguese. I now can master things like, "do you speak English/Spanish", "Where is the ____________"(although the last part of that sentences is always the trickiest), "Waiter! One more beer please", and "No bill, please". Rahima and I spent Thursday morning memorizing the numbers in Portuguese, which has come in handy in a variety of situations. For example, I can order multiple beers, not just one now. :)

We ended up going to a club until way too early in the morning (Paulistas, or people from Sao Paolo tend to resemble Porteños, or people from Buenos Aires, in this regard, although I think that no one will ever really surpass the Porteños. I am not sure how any of these people function the next day.) We then got up and took a six hour bus ride to Paraty today, in anticipation of beautiful beaches here and some holding still and relaxing for a few days.

But alas, as we pulled into Paraty, we were surrounded by what can be best described as bay area fog, kind of drizzling all over. Hopefully the sun will shine on us in the next few days. Until then, we will find other ways to pass the time. There are a few local breweries in town, as well as many historical buildings. The town itself is lined with cobblestone streets and is very, very cute. Someone told us today that this used to be where the royal family would spend their summers. Can't wait to explore tomorrow, after a good night's sleep. For now, it's off to bed I go...


Josef Gamper said...

The weather forecast for Paraty until December 2 is drizzle and/or scattered showers. Sorry about the bad news. Hopefully, the Paratyans have some good beer. Loved your speedy reply to my e-mail. Love, Dad

Jeni said...

You're there!!! My place! I love Paraty- it is very magical- go on the tours- they are a kick. I remeber we went on one where they took us to a waterfall and we actually rode into it, craziness! Tu ta bien, tu ta bon!
Love you,

Josef Gamper said...

onde está o sol?
se não houver domingo dá-me uma cerveja!

A phrase you might need


Josef Gamper said...

I meant "se não houver sol dá-me uma cerveja!