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Thursday, November 20, 2008

La Boca, Argentina

So on our last day Buenos Aires we went to the barrio of La Boca, which is a poorer area of the city, but is famous for el caminito, where there are many brightly painted buildings and lots of tango and music. It was pretty fun to walk around, and reminded me vaguely of my brightly painted kitchen, or the other colors I chose to use when painting my condo. :) Scary, right? There was a soccer game going on that day (the tix were really pricy so we are hoping to catch a game in Brazil instead) but it was really neat because you could hear the chants from the stadium as we were walking around. Soccer is no joke around here.

One of the great grafitti/art/murals in La Boca.

Me, happy to be surrounded by bright colors.

The amazingly painted corrugated aluminum buildings.

Sunset in the middle of Buenos Aires, looking at the obelisk, which I loved, Rahima hated.

And then we headed out to the bus station, for our 19 hour ride to the waterfalls of Iguazu. As we were walking down the street, I thought to myself...do I REALLY stand out as a tourist? You decide.


Joseph said...

Long live safety yellow!!!

Keiko said...

Nope...you fit right in there!

Leslie and Dave said...

ummm, at least a cute one!