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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Glacier Perito Moreno

So today we had beautiful weather and we hiked ON Glacier Perito Moreno. It was absolutely amazing. Despite the 7am departure time. Isn´t it funny that only a few months ago that was commonplace, and now it seems so utterly exhausting to be up so early! What will I ever do when I go back into the working world??? Sorry to all of you who are reading this and are utterly despising me at the moment!

Originally we had tried to arrange the tour for Monday, but they only had one spot on the trip, (and us obviously not wanting to get separated again...) signed up for today´s tour instead. The good news is that yesterday it rained and showed all day long. Today was sunny and beautiful. It was actually even warm walking around on the glacier. As a bonus, we met two really funny Canadians who we ended up renting a car with yesterday and exploring the area a bit. We drove out to a lake about 60km from the town we are now in and had a picnic in the car. Yummy. Doesn´t get much better than hiding from the wind and cold, sharing a gourmet meal of bread, cheese, cold meats and wine. We then did a hike which felt like it was straight uphill forever in the rain and snow and COLD wind (I am making it sound a bit worse...but then again, I have been known to embellish a bit)...but it was cold. We had a blast though, and I can´t imagine laughing harder at some points. There were definitely tears of laughter, accompanied by spitting of food and beverages as well as some snorting.

Today we got up early, were picked up by the tour company and headed out to Glacier National Park. The glacier was absolutely amazing. First we drove to a vista and took some pictures. Amazing. Then we took a ferry across the lake and got closer to the glacier. More amazing. Then we got our crampons and hiked to and then ON the glacier, for about an hour, where we at lunch, and then headed back. It was really really really incredible. And I have the BEST travel buddy in the whole world. I think she described it kind of like having a panic attack at one point, considering she doesn´t like the idea of walking on ice, or trekking in the cold. Oops. But it was really really worth it, and when we at lunch, we even shared some ¨Baileys con Glacier¨, a drink Ryan invented to outdo the normal ¨Baileys on ice¨. Yummy. And warm.

So now, I am utterly exhausted, and trying to download a few pictures for you all, while following the latest election updates. I hope this all comes together! Tomorrow we will be on a long busride up to puerto madryn, on the west coast, where we will eventually do some whale watching and penguin watching. I can´t wait. For that, and a finding a big pot of money to pay for all of these excursions. Can someone say budget? love you all. :)

Glacier Perito Moreno (I am learning to play with my camera settings...how fun!)

Ants marching... These are the members of another trekking group on the glacier. Look how small they look!

The liquid and frozen water form these little frozen pools that look like you should just fall right through. Standing on water as blue as could be. Amazing.

A little artsy, just for fun.

The four stooges...

Beautiful Tuesday.


Joseph said...

Wait a minute....the Canadians were boys?? Ooooohhhh.....

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bailey's con glacier:

Anonymous said...

or rather bailey's con glacier video is here :)