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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

tambien acepto besos y abrazos...

Well, we certainly are not at Machu Pichu. When we went to buy our train tickets we were told that Tuesday is holiday in Peru (technically Wednesday is the holiday but they close everything down on Tuesday) so there were no train tickets for Tuesday, and since all of Tuesday´s passengars would now be traveling on Wednesday, there were no tickets available until Thursday. So, since we had already packed up and were ready to be mobile, we took a bus to Puno, the city outside of Lake Titicaca (the highest navegable lake in the world at 3800m) and have been here since last night. Somehow compared to 22 hours on a bus, 8 is very minimal.
Today we went to the islas flotantes (floating islands) and it was sunny and beautiful. The islands are made from a totora plant which is used to literally make these islands upon which people live with churches, boats, houses, restaurants, etc. The gnome got to go too, which was fun for him. :) There was a local guy playing his guitar on the boat before we left and when it was time to go, he asked for small donations for his music. There were two german gals (with no spanish) who werent about to give up any change, so the guy saidto them (in spanish they also didn´t understand) tambien acepto besos y abrazos (I also accept hugs and kisses). I almost fell over laughing. I wonder how many times people will say funny things to us in other languages that we won´t understand at all...
So we made it back to Puno, and about 30 minutes after it started to thunder, lightning and rain...buckets. Still, sending one of my jackets back home was not my smartest idea...but the upside is that my pack is a little lighter for the next few weeks. We found a great hostel for $6 a night right in the heart of town. Tomorrow we are planning to go out to another island on the lake, and stay overnight at a homestay with a local family, who only speak Quechua. Should be an interesting break from being able to understand everything around me.
I tried to upload a few pics from today, but they look really grainy to me and I´m not sure why...but bear with me...I´ll get better at this technology thing. Serioulsy...I can´t get much worse! ;) Oh...and thanks to those of you who leave comments about my posts...every one of them has made me laugh :)


Josef Gamper said...

Inti, the Inca sun god,must be looking out for the two of you. The weather forecast for Macchu Picchu from Monday to Saturday (except for Thursday) is heavy rain. Sacrifice a virgin (if you can find one) to Into and you will have a grand time at Machu Picchu. Dad

lipner said...

how can i top your dad posting about sacrificing virgins? i can't.
but i can tell you that i have google maps set up on my laptop and tomorrow the kids in room 20 are gonna get to see where you are right now. in fact, they're gonna get to "fly" from 840 colusa to peru.
stay dry!

mahalia said...

Hey little gnome guy-whadya do? It looks like Annette is making you walk the plank! Wait are you the virgin she found and you're the sacrifice??
If you can, say hey to Annette-and tell her I liked your original name Eduardo-Eddie for short-NO NOT Jesse! (Very funny lipner)Just don't be a naughty gnome! hee hee

luv ya ,mahalia

Joseph said...

Stay dry, pumpkin pie.

Libby said...

This is the first time in my life that I'm jealous of a gnome...

Take care, you.

Hannah Ziff said...

Hey crazy travel girl! They should create a superhero inspired by you. Maybe they ll call her 'astound-everyone-with-mad-skillage-at-everything-then-fly-away-and-make-them-go-crazy-woman'. Too long to fit on a costume perhaps?
Here's the progression of everyone missing you, as I see it;
1: Denial. "Its only ten months. Its not like we ll implode without her."
2: Admission. "Fine. I miss her. Jeez."
3: Depression. "Nothing's as fun without Annette. *sniff* Shes been gone for so long now... *sniff sniff*"
4: Insanity. "Annette must be hiding! Where are yooouu? Come out come out wherever you are..."
Okay maybe it hasn't gone quite that far, but the point is we all really miss you. At the same time though we re ecstatic that you get to have all this fun and we get to live vicariously through you. Ignore this whole message. Its Yom Kippur and Im disillusional. I ll post again when Im able to form complete thoughts.

Shelly said...

Well, I hope the gnome still has his head and you managed to stay dry.

So did you offer a hug to the music man? Or just pretend to be silly Americans who didn't understand, much like the Germans?

Oh and isn't it fun just saying Lake Titicaca. reminds me of the Animaniacs song. I left you the link to hear it for yourself.


Jeni said...

Thank god you speak spanish or you might have done some inspirational dance based on what you thought he said. Waiting in line at the bus station, did you get any invitations for dinner? If not, wait till you get to Brazil, they love Americans to eat with!

Miss you and your face,

dnd007 said...

Hi Annette,

How are you? It's Dylan. I thought you would pack more litly than your friend. I wanted know how you are feeling. It's so beautiful I wish I cuold be there with you. I hope you're having fun. love Dylan