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Saturday, October 4, 2008

no cool world phone in peru or chile...

Well, it seems that our ever-so-cool world phone doesn´t actually have coverage in peru or chile, so for at least the next month we won´t be getting your emails immediately via the blackberry. we will be going to internet cafes...so feel free to email us still but don´t expect an immediate response yet. We leave Lima today and embark on our first of many 22 hour bus rides. We should get to Cuzco by 2pm tomorrow afternoon. YIKES!!!! But we figure it is a rite of passage that we must endure. Wish us luck and check back soon to see how it went. Oh, and for those of you curious to learn about the first things lost...I get full credit. Seems I have ¨misplaced¨ two, yes two, pairs of ipod headphones...which is totally ironic considering I haven´t even listened to my ipod yet. Rahima is convinced that one pair is hiding somewhere in my pack...I am convinced the other pair was my generous donation to our first flight. Aside from the disappearance of my headphones LAN was probably my favorite airline of all times. Too bad we aren´t flying them again. :(

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Joseph said...


Don't listen to the ipod...it is better to listen to world around you. Headphones are for those people trying to tune out reality.

Joe & Keri & AJ