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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday we took a walking tour around Santiago. It is pretty amazing to be walking through the city, in jeans and a tank top, enjoying the sunny weather, and then looking up and realizing that you can see snowcapped Andes mountains surrounding the city. Okay...so you have to look through a little smog to see them...but it still is pretty cool. Santiago seems like a really neat city. The whole world closes down after about 3 and reopens about 7 or 8pm. I want to live in a place that has siestas. :)

We have met a lot of cool travelers, especially in the hostels. It is incredible how many people do this. We met a guy the other day who has been travelling for 5 years. Yes. 5 YEARS. He is Australian, and just works a few months, gets enough money, and keeps on going. Cool. There really are so many opportunities in life, if you are willing to break from the conventional ideals set before us on a daily basis. I think that the next 10 months are going to fly by for me...traveling is kind of a contagious thing. The more you do it...the more you want to keep doing it. Life it pretty good today.

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Joseph said...

Australians are all descendants of criminals....watch your wallet!