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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane...or not.

Well it is now 4:30pm and we are still in LA. Our flight was supposed to leave at 2 but after going through the gate, taking a short bus ride to the plane, disembarking from the bus and almost boarding the plane we were redirected back to the bus, shuttled back across the airport and arrived safely back at the original gate. The flight has now been rescheduled for a 7:30pm departure. Good news? That gave me enough time to begin to figue out this blackberry and how to use it to both blog and check email. We also got $20 each in food vouchers. Bad news is that we were not allowed to use them for alcohol. Good news is that we are now surrounded by $40 worth of sandwiches, chips, muffins, croissants, and veggies and dip. Who needs to travel the world when you have all this at the LA airport?

1 comment:

lipner said...

gotta love lax.

a few nominations for the gnome:

jesse 9come on, even ms. ryba will laugh at that one)

omar 9someone loves that kid, right?)

kellie (that crazy brazilian woman)

or perhaps you could name it after one of your suitors :-)

safe travels,