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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Athens, Greece

This is definitely the country I will come back to as soon as I compromise most of what I stand for and just settle and marry rich...very, VERY rich. Greece (well, really all we have seen is Athens) is beautiful. Beautiful in the sense of both

a)lots of ruins (i.e. the Acropolis on the hill that you can see from almost anywhere in the city) and history


b) a starbucks or coffee shop at every turn and newly released (well, new to me) american movies in the cinemas. :)

Like I said. Beautiful.

So, my one complaint about the movies here (we have seen two in the last two nights) is that in the middle of the movie they do an intermission. Yes, an intermission. Lights go up. Movie stops. Everyone takes their little bathroom break or goes to buy more popcorn or soda. WHAT?!?! It is horrifying to me. My "shiny object syndrome", as Luis coined in a few years back, takes over and I totally lose the emotional groove of the movie. I begin to notice the horrible hairstyles of the people around me, or how my chair isn't as comfortable as I originally though. How I like or don't like the decor of the room, etc. I count rows of chairs...anything. It is a 15 minute intermission, and then, when it is time to start up again, there are stragglers still settling back in, climbing over your legs, getting comfortable, etc. and you are trying to hear the movie and remember what Benjamin Button was so sad about 15 mintues prior when you were so rudely interrupted by the intermission.

At this time of year a lot of the islands are closed and ferry routes are limited. So my dream of spending time in those cute towns you always see with the white domed houses overlooking the bluest sea known to man will have to wait for later. I guess it is good to have a few places on this trip that I have to go back too. Wouldn't want to cross them all off my list at once, right?

But I did get to eat some baklava. Yummy. And almost too sweet. :)

Some of the remnants of the recent riots here in Athens. We liked this one.


Libby said...

I've gone into full jealousy mode now. Trying to contain myself. Do something fun, eat something delicious, and think of me! Love you Sweetie! Libby

nicole said...

Hi Annette,
Nicole here. I lived for Athens for a year many years ago. Enjoy your visit. The intermission is a smoke break, isn't it?

Weezy said...

Now, now, I always thought SOS was one of your more redeeming qualities. After all ,if it motivates you to search for that elusive shininess halfway around the world, it can't be that bad. Enjoy the cradle of democracy!