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Sunday, January 4, 2009

almost there...

Well, since my last post, we have made some progress. And by some, I mean a little bit. :)

We caught an 11:10 train from Paris to somewhere in the southwest of France, where supposedly we could catch a train to Barcelona. Sounds good, right? It was a sleeper train, so we did get to lay down and sleep for about six hours. YIPEE! Unfortunately when we got off the train, the blackberry somehow stayed nice and warm somewhere under Rahima´s covers. Apparently it did not want to get up yet. So after a few hours of using our impeccable command of French, we were able to find the phone, in another town, and we went to claim it. From there we took the train just over the border to Spain (yes!) and now officialy have tickets that will take us to Barcelona, arriving at 10pm tonight, almost exactly 60 hours after this journey from Edinburgh began. So we are killing some time in an internet cafe (obviously) and I am trying to upload some pictures. :) It is pretty cold here, and it is hard to believe that in a week I will be learning to scuba dive in the red sea. The thought of weather warm enough to wear a bikini in is delightful.

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Josef Gamper said...

Oh, the two of you are eminently compatible! You even take turns doing things. Hope your flight out of Spain goes smoothly and you have a warm and happy time at the Red Sea.