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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, India is India, always full of beauty, tragedy and surprises. As we wandered around the streets of Mumbai the past few days I have seen it all. Too much heartache for me to write about her, but I will get to that in a few days. I just can't write it without crying and I feel like being a little happier at the moment.

So I will share a funny story instead. Our hotel was near the Gateway to India, down by the docks and waterfront. As we wandered around there the other day, an area full of Indian tourists and locals, we were stopped by a young woman who wanted to shake our hands. Of course, my first (cynical) instinct is to make sure of what is going on behind us, as we are obviously both looking forward, with my bag slung over my shoulder but definitely hanging on my back. I can be highly aware of pickpockets and the art of distraction, as I was taught well in Costa Rica years ago. Well, lo and behold, she actually just wanted to say hello, and then ask for a picture with us. AFter she got up the courage to do so, the party started and others who had been watching followed suit. Rahima was mortified, but I think it is hilarious to be so clearly the minority, and the object of people's attention. Whitey-whiterson...that's me.

So as we continued to walk around, we continued to be stopped by young women, young men, small families, grandmothers, and even larger families, to pose for pictures with them. I made Rahima start taking pictures of us too. I figure if they want a picture of me, I want a picture of them! :) If I had been smarter I would have started charging. 10 rupees for a picture with the white girl!

Celebrity status is really a funny thing. I liked the people who were just up-front about it, but also got a chuckle about the people who were trying to walk a few meters in front of us, pretending to answer their cell phones while clearly trying to take a pictures of us over their shoulder. Oh the things that make the world go 'round!

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Josef Gamper said...

Dear Whitey,
How grand to bring joy to people just by existing in a certain place at a certain time.
Love, Mom