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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why I like South Africa

1- it is warm. :) I like that a lot.

2- the accent is really cool. I like accents.

3- they drive on the "wrong" side of the road, which I am now getting used to. It is a little bizzare to shift with your left hand, signal with your right, and regardless of how good I am getting at this, as soon as I climb in the driver's seat, I inevitably reach over my LEFT shoulder for the seatbelt!

4- did I mention it is warm?

5- in Cape Town the hiking is literally overlooking the city. Look up, there is a big mountain (or two or three or five) to hike. We hiked Table Mountain yesterday, and I am sore today!

6- wildlife. Okay, so I've only seen great white sharks and huge monkeys crossing the road so far, but soon we will head to Kruger Park to see more big game.

7- they make outstanding wine.

8- they have penguins. :)

9- they call stoplights "robots".

10- they make a really great liqour from a fermented fruit that tastes a lot like baileys irish cream, but better. Apparently there are videos of elephants and baboons alike eating this fallen marula fruit, and getting drunk, and then being hungover the following day. now that is funny.

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