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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, after another 15 hours on buses and ferries from London, we made it to Cork, Ireland. We spent yesterday running some errands around town and then headed back to Amanda's house. Her mother was so kind and let me bake a few dozen cookies to add to the loads of food she was preparing. Baking sure made it feel Christmas-y to me. We met Amanda's lively and very Irish family, minus her sister who is in New Zealand this Christmas. Her three brothers have kept us quite entertained with their stories and accents! Last night we went to mass, then to a pub where I enjoyed a proper guiness in a real Irish pub...in Ireland. ;)

This morning we attempted to get up and go out to the beach to run into the cold water with the locals, but timing wasn't right, so we missed out. Maybe a good thing in retrospect. :). So it is now about 6pm, I am still in my pajamas, stuffed to the brim and very, very happy to be with such a wonderful family if I can't be with my own. Merry Christmas to all of you back home. I love you all very, very much. Have a very special day and know I am thinking of you all. Hugs and kisses.

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Yohusert said...

Hola, Annette, toda la familia esta en mi casa viendo tu blog, y mi mamá esta muy emocionada viendo todos los lugares en los que has estado, incluso esta Michelle, mas inquieta que nunca, y mami se acerca màs a la pantalla para verla bien, y nos emociona mucho que estes conociendo todos esos lugares tan maravillosos, y yo pues me muero por estar en París más en Louvre, y aunque ya paso la navidad FELIZ NAVIDAD, y muy próspero año nuevo, que el 2009 sea mucho mejor para ti y toda tu familia, la extrañamos muchísimo, cúídese mucho.

Un abrazo y un beso de todos

Michelle, Marielos, Evelyn, Henry, Cynthia y Yohusert